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More often than not, our societal challenges present opportunities for innovation. We have turned the challenge of plastic waste and landfill management into affordable housing, alongside creating a cleaner and healthier environment. Our vision is to see places such as old Naledi houses transformed into decent housing using our eco-brick, thereby restoring the dignity of our people

Letsogile Kennedy / Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eco Hub


Our mission is to protect the environment by collecting and recycling plastic waste to produce architecturally designed affordable houses that will be a solution to affordable housing and quick disaster relief housing for the low-income earners.

Out of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals, our key focus is on 1,7,9,11 and 13.


To house humanity while saving the environment


I made a change, I made a difference” feeling of pride, is what we impart to every participating individual in the community. Not only did they play a role in reducing their carbon footprint and reducing climate change and global warming effects, but they also solved the problem of homelessness and helped put a roof over someone. A philanthropic act every human being needs to perform.

For governments, the pride and accomplishment of housing their citizens is priceless and fulfilling as stakeholders action their mandates.


Key Team Members

Currently, we have the founder, an architect with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, A bachelor of Architecture, and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Architecture. Founder studied, graduated in Perth, Australia and has lived and worked for almost 10 years abroad in Australia, 1 graduate architect with a Bachelor of Architecture, graduated in Botswana, 1 marketing personnel with a BA degree in Marketing, graduated in Botswana, 1 secretary and other work is still outsourced as the company is still in process of formal establishment.